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This 44 page Gratitude and Prayer Journal is your perfect daily practice to growing closer to God and living the abudant life in Him!   Daily practice of gratitude is good medicine for the mind, body and soul.  God's word speaks of gratitude and living content so often because He knows how quickly the human heart is decieved into believing the lies told by the enemy of our souls.  No one can serve two masters and that goes for our thought life just as much as it does what we strive for each day - this world and its pleasures or the Lord and His peace, joy, hope, and love. 


This journal is FREE to Jill's INNER HEALING GROUP COACHING COMMUNITY members.  Inside the community many of the tools and resources Jill uses with her clients are shared for FREE to ensure the members have the opporunity to do the work needed to achieve their best and blessed life!


NOTE: As this is a digital product there are NO refunds or returns. 


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