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First, things first - It IS really possible to feel better as you age?

The answer is emphatically YES!!!!!  You will gain clear understanding in this 35 page eBook on why it is necessary to understand balancing hormones vs boosting them. 


I can tell you that I feel better and healthier in my 50’s than I did in my 20’s.


It’s about taking a systems approach to your health vs trying to fix one broken part. Our bodies are meant to be a harmonious instrument delivering a beautiful song. If people really were taught that restoring the function of your entire body was more important than weight loss we would all relax a bit more and make long-term changes for good! We wouldn't feel so overwhelmed or worried about hitting our goals. We would know that finding the right balance in all things health related is achievable and worth putting in the effort needed to do it! My hope is that you find peace in the balance of eating for your body, exercising, sleeping, and the intimacy you desire for your marriage no matter how old you are! Getting older doesn't have to suck and today is the end of that stigma for all of us!


I’ve been talking a lot lately about hormones and what I want to share with you is that we have many different hormones in our bodies that regulate many functions. If we can regulate and bring balance to the biggest influencers it can be LIFE changing. Balance them and you are going to experience life as it was meant to be enjoyed FULLY AND ABUNDANTLY!


  • Metabolic hormones - insulin and thyroid hormones that regulate our blood sugar and metabolism
  • Stress hormone-primarily bringing balance to our cortisol levels
  • Sex hormones- estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that have many more functions than just our sex drive


Want to learn and utilize the biblical tools for nervous system regulation and rebalancing hormones that I share with my clients?  Come join my women's only private coaching group today!  Learn more here.


God bless you and your health journey! 



NOTE:  As this is a digital product there are NO returns or refunds. 


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