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This powerful and must read FREE eBook is filled with life giving truths that dispell all lies told regarding God's thoughts about divorce and abuse.  It is written by Patrick Weaver, survivor, dynamic speaker, author and highly regarded revolutionary faith leader. Patrick is the founder and global leader of The Exodus Project


Patrick is passionately committed to disrupting the social, religious and legislative mindsets that undermine hope, freedom and healing for victims and survivors of intimate partner abuse. Through his online and social media presence, Patrick’s thought provoking and life-changing advocacy is the voice of The Exodus Project. Read by over 3 million people in over 15 countries and in over 27 different languages every month, Patrick’s faith-based and groundbreaking advocacy for the abused, healthy relationships, and trauma-informed healing is one of the most widely followed and influential voices of today.


The Movement God Hates Abuse is a grassroots movement to educate, liberate and amplify the voices of victims of domestic abuse. Our mission is not to promote divorce as the answer to marital problems but rather to shatter the silence and end needless victim suffering caused by the use of biblical untruths and half truths used to manipulate and coerce abuse victims to stay in destructive marriages Divorce God's word, rightly divided, does not say God hates divorce, support or tolerate abuse in marriages, and neither does the Word of God bind an abuse victim to a destructive marriage.


We pray that you will be encouraged and inspired by th is comprehensive and liberating biblical review of God's heart towards the abused and the freedom God provides for His ch ildren when a marriage covenant is breached by treacherous behavior.


Download to read it today!   


If you or someone you know is looking for support and desire to heal after trauma, abuse, loss, or divorce, then check out our private women's only group coaching community.  We are praying God's blessings and peace over you.  Never lose hope and know you are not alone.  


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